Saturday, June 5, 2010


how we take the serious things in life for granted. this morning i couldnt help but smile to myself watching my senior sister go through so much stress to brush the teeth of my little neice who was crying so much. i asked her why and she had no reason, she just did not like to brush her teeth.... at her age(4yrs) she could be pardoned because she will loose her milk teeth pretty soon. we as adults with our permanent teeth need to take care of it at least twice a day.....are we adhering to this????????
maybe this will help you do it if u are not doing it already:
brushing day and night with fluoride toothpaste can cut tooth decay by up to 50% for children compared with brushing just once (pine et al. international dental journal 2000.)

remember once u loose your natural teeth, it is gone and gone for good.....

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  1. Kids! they are such a handful.
    Your are right dear, i'll make sure to brush before bed lol