Friday, May 28, 2010

Eating friuts

hmmm, jus finish eating a big juicy mango this morning then the old saying of sweets after meals crossed my mind. thinking about it now i wonder how we could live with such a misinformation for so long. current and substantial research have shown that friuts are to be eaten on empty stomach because it is much more effective. i simply kept thinking about this as i enjoyed my the next time u have to eat your friuts, would it be before or after meals......


  1. Definitely before meals. its funny how we grow up on some practices we never question. Old wise fables, cliches and random sayings cloud our good judgement. We ignore the why`s, how come`s and when`s on a daily basis, but discoveries such as this wake us up to the ignorance induced practices we`ve carried with us. Sweets before meals it is!

  2. definately esi....definately.i smile at the tot of we building a healthier generation strating from ourselves and our families lol....